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Lightning From The Depths

BJ Price is an abstract expressionist artist and underwater explorer who lives on his quiet rural property near Mount Bartle Frere in the tropics of Far North Queensland, Australia.

Whilst diving on the Great Barrier Reef in 2009 BJ underwent an extraordinary artistic epiphany which opened his eyes to the coded natural language therein.

Now acting as an interpreter for the Reef and its creatures, BJ brings to the terrestrial world a language hitherto unheard, through visions hitherto unimagined.

The magnificent marine utopia that is the Great Barrier Reef is his obsession, his very muse.

BJ has devoted himself to the task of speaking out for the Great Barrier Reef through oils on canvas via abstract expressionism.

Says BJ “The Reef is the largest, most complex living thing on this Earth. I devote myself to this task because the Reef speaks to me and as I answer through my art, others hear its voice.”

The same oceans from which our ancestors emerged millennia ago, we now return to, to seek the future.

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